Online Blackjack Games

Below is a quick glance guide to the many different Blackjack games that can be played at our featured online Blackjack site that is online casino Malaysia.

They allow and accept all worldwide Blackjack players including those living in the US and Canada and you may play any of their Blackjack games for free or for real money downloading 918kiss apk smartphone friendly

1. Standard Blackjack Game – The standard Blackjack game is played with 6 full decks of playing cards which are always are shuffled after each hand has been completed. In the particular game the Dealer Hits when he has a Soft 17.

Player betting wagers include the ability to Double on any 2 cards, and you may Split up to 3 hands. Surrender is allowed on any first 2 cards, but when you Split Aces then you will only receive only one card and no re-splitting of Aces is allowed.

2. Face-Up 21 Blackjack Game – In this fantastic Blackjack game 8 decks of cards are always in play and they will always be shuffled after each hand. The Dealer must hit his hand when showing a soft 17.

Should a Player get a Blackjack hand then he will receive a payout of Even Money, however a Player wins all Blackjack Tied hands.

On all other Tied hand the Dealer will win except as mentioned on a Blackjack Tie. A Player is permitted to Double Down only on 2 cards thats have a total of 9,10,11.

3. Match Play 21 Blackjack Game – Match Play uses 8 full decks of playing cards but all of the 4 Ten cards have been removed from each deck, but all of the other face cards remain in the deck. This deck will be shuffled after each hand has been played..

The Dealer must always hit his hand when it is a soft 17, and a Players 21 always wins unless the Dealer has a blackjack. A Player Blackjack will always beat a Dealers Blackjack.

The Player is permitted to double down on any number of cards, but only just the one time, and he or she will receive only one further card. A Player may surrender after doubling down and will therefore surrender the double down portion of the wager.

There are some online casino bonus payouts for hand combinations that payout over even money, and these are displayed on our chart below.

Holder Hand Description Payout
Dealer Blackjack 2-card 21 None
Player Blackjack 2-card 21 3 to 2
Player Match Play 21 777suited, Dealer 7 40 to 1 *
Player 7-7-7 spades 777 (all spades) 3 to 1 *
Player 6-7-8 spades 678 (all spades) 3 to 1 *
Player 7+Cards 21 on 7 or more cards 3 to 1 *
Player 777 suited 777 suited 2 to 1 *
Player 678 suited 678 suited 2 to 1 *
Player 6-card 21 6-card 21 2 to 1 *
Player Any 7-7-7 777 3 to 2 *
Player Any 6-7-8 678 3 to 2 *
Player 5-card 21 5-card 21 3 to 2 *
Player Twenty One Any 21 1 to 1
Dealer Twenty One Any 21 None

Other Winning Hands

Even Money
Dealer/Player Tie Same Total Push

*non-doubled hands and non-split hands only

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